black feet, crochet youtube and ben folds

I have a million things to do, so why not post on my blog instead? 

My feet are so black. My flip flops make them so gross and I don't even care. I figure, I'm at a truck stop all hours of the night so it probably won't matter. I should do something about it...Perhaps a pedicure is in my future. Doubtful, but maybe. 

Since I suck at crocheting, I watched like 10 youtube videos on it. Of course I didn't bring yarn or a crochet hook so it was pretty pointless, but it did do its job of distracting me from homework. Most of the ladies that post youtube crochet tutorials seem like bitches. They go super fast and act like you're dumb if you don't know what they're talking about. Someday I hope I'm that lady. But I'll add character to the video by letting my cats be in it, too. 

The new Ben Folds Five album is amazing. I haven't been as into Ben lately, but this just did it for me. I seriously love him so much. I want to have his babies someday. But really, he is adorable and brilliant. I will see them when they come to the west coast in the spring/summer of 2013. Trent, Britt and Enna better be ready. 

Also, I got an 'A' on my Marx essay. Yessssss. Now I just wait until Monday to find out how poorly I did on Durkheim. I mean, it's no surprise really..I already know I slaughtered it and failed miserably. Good thing about that class is that the professor drops our lowest score. I'm hoping that I don't suck it up like I did on that one again. School is going really well and I am so grateful that I got to go back. My tired/bitchiness level varies greatly on the day and today (Saturday) seems like a good day to be happy. 

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