Grateful: (because today I need to remember this shit)

  • to have a job that pays my bills and that i can do homework while i'm here
  • to be in school again so that  i won't have to work at the above job for life. i hope.
  • for my family. they took me to dinner for a late b-day party tonight. they're fun. 
  • for my house. i really do love where i live and i think it's pretty cute. 
  • my cats. seriously, even though calv is going through his "teenage" years right now..i don't know what i'd do without him. i love him so much. gretch is fine, too. 
  • my friends. even though i'm pretty anti-social, especially now that i'm in school and i don't see them as often as i'd like, i really do love and appreciate all of them. 
  • my girlfriend. she's the sweetest. and she puts up with me. even on days like today when i'm a huge bitch for no reason at all. 
  • my phone. even though usually i just want to throw it at the wall and ignore everyone...i am grateful to have it. if only it didn't also double as my alarm clock. gag. 
  • the weather right now is my favorite. i absolutely love fall. yummm. 
  • energy drinks. without them, i swear i'd be dead right now. 
  • tide pods. seriously, best invention of my life. if you haven't used them, do it. 
  • de-cluttering. i took a loveseat and a huge chair to the dump today (well, my dad did it for me). my house looks so empty--but in a good way. 
  • sleep when i get it. oh my goodness, i always feel so much better after i get 7 hours in a row. i should try and do that more often. 
  • fruit. i went on a fruit kick this week: apples, oranges, peaches, grapes and pears. yum. 

I still don't feel better but at least I know I have a lot going for me. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I blame hormones and lack of sleep. :)

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