a merry little Christmas to you....

Pretty sure I love my life. A lot. Things have been crazy...and will probably only get crazier until Christmas, but I love it!

My friend Becky made this cake! Sweet, right?
On Friday we had a fundraiser bake sale for Sub for Santa. I was expecting to make around $100-$200 dollars...we made $550.00! Holy cow! I have amazing friends who donated amazing amounts (and quality) of food and it showed!

So many people gave us so much money and I was amazed at the support we got. I had so many cool experiences and lots of awesome things happen- people are so freaking cool.

Anyway, if you're reading this and would like to get in on the sub for Santa project you can go here. We would love all the help we can get! I'm so excited for this and I'm so glad that I get to give back this year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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