2011 was pretty amazing--how will 2012 compare?!

I know this year isn't quite over, but I thought I'd make a quick list of things I did in the last year and things I wanna do next year! Hopefully I'll have a few things to add to 2011 by the time 2012 gets here! Anyway, here it is...

In 2011 I:

  • Had a couple of really fun trips to California with Jordan.
  • Played Loveopoly for Valentines day.  I made it up. ha ha 
  • Jordan came to Utah, knocked on my window and surprised me. Best thing ever, to this date. 
  • Missed Joey's birthday. And Jr. Prom. 
  • Snow in Vegas! Weird..and funny because people freaked out over less than 1/2 an inch of snow.
  • Had my first (and hopefully last) ride on a Greyhound Bus--it failed miserably. 
  • Spent New Years Eve in a ghetto ass bar in Vegas with lots of old drunk people. I didn't get a New Years Eve kiss and I probably barfed a lot. 
  • I had lots of drunken bbq's--I do miss that. 
  • Lots of drunken fights, arguments, and driving. 
  • I had my heart broken. 
  • Left someone that I love.
  • Checked into rehab on May 5 and completed on June 29 (I think).
  • Met some really, really amazing people. 
  • Lived at the crisis center for a little over a month. Not too shabby. 
  • Got a job. 
  • Got my first apartment living on my own! And it's cute. 
  • Got a roomie. 
  • Adopted Calvin! I never thought I would love a kitty as much as I love Calv. I'm sure glad that he's in my life--I love him so much. 
  • Made some new friends; made amends with some old friends.
  • Had a lot of really awkward/depressing moments with my parents.
  • Chopped my hair and dyed parts of it red.
  • Hung out a lot with my grandpa at the hospital. 
  • Got to see Joey be the manager of his last High School football game in Salt Lake! 
  • Have been to lots of SUU basketball games with Joey, April, and Bryan. 
  • Gained back some trust from people--they trust me to take Joey, to hang out with my grandparents, and to drive their cars. Holy shit, man. 
  • Went to San Antonio, TX as a birthday present to myself.
  • On December 29, 2011 I will be celebrating 8 months sober! Time sure is flying...
  • I thought my family would never accept me for me--but turns out, things are going really well. 
  • Had an amazing Thanksgiving with lots of really awesome people. No drunk fights and I can remember it all.
  • Thought Calv was going to die--I was heartbroken. Luckily my dad pulled some strings, got him into the vet on a holiday and he was fixed with some antibiotics. :) 
  • Adopted Gretchen. I'm still working on loving her. She's cute but I just love Calv...
  • Still miss Jordan everyday and wish things could be different--and by that I mean I wish that I could have my cake and eat it, too. Clearly, that isn't possible. Damn. A girl can dream, right?
  • Started believing in a higher power--although some days are better than others in that department. 
  • Lost things--but gained so much more.
  • Grew my hair out- it's getting long! I had it in a bun for the last 8 months-ish and now I'm wearing it down and it's pretty long! Coooool.
  • Got one of my best friends back. Thank goodness. 
  • Wanted to run away to Vegas everyday and haven't. Missing people sucks. 
  • Thought about going running and haven't. haha...
  • Got a couple tattoos. And by a couple, I mean 8. :) 

In 2012 I:
  • Will complete rehab and aftercare stuff that I have going on right now. 
  • Want to get back into SUU or school somewhere. I miss school. 
  • Have a lot of amends to make to a lot of people. 
  • Want to go to a Jazz game.
  • Want to go to Disney Land.
  • Want to go to Texas. 
  • Want to swim in the ocean.
  • Want to have a cool esty shop. 
  • Want to run more (I'm not committing to anything just yet...haha)...and by more, I mean at all.
  • Want to get a smart phone. I feel dumb with my non smart phone. Plus, can't play words with friends.....
  • Want to take the foster care classes. I donno if they'll let me since I'm not actually going to do foster care right now, but I'll try. :)
  • Want to go camping, at least once. Good sober fun...eek. 
  • Want to go watch the NCAA tournament in Vegas. Wish me luck. ;)
  • Want to fit into my old jeans. hahhaha....right....
  • Want to go to Lagoon.
  • Want to get a car.
  • Want to get another job. 
  • Want to spend a few days at the cabin.
  • Want to spend a sober weekend in Vegas. 
  • Want to make new friends, keep old friends, and have fun!
  • Want to travel any chance I get. 
  • Want to have a brain transplant--or have my life be like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind...either way will work. Lets do this shit. I don't wanna be sad anymore. 
  • Want to try snowboarding--perhaps on the Wal-Mart bunny hill...
  • Get my 1 year chip in AA --- hope so! 
What do YOU wanna do in 2012? Do tell...

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  1. Jill- I know this is a bit late, but I want to share somethings I want to do in 2012.

    Take a vacation with my family, and enjoy it:)
    Celebrate my daughters 2nd Birthday!
    Go swimming lots
    Start a routine exercising even if it is only 15 minutes after Addie goes to bed.
    Make it 2 years sober (done Jan 5th!) and keep counting.
    Make contact with some old friends.
    Show my daughter everyday how much I love her.
    Save money to go to Disneyland when Addie is 3.
    Greet my sister at the airport as she returns from her mission.
    Renew my counseling license
    Deal with the shit that comes up in a positive healthy way...no alcohol:)