After my last few negative Nelly blog posts, I decided that I should make a little gratitude list. And also, I'm procrastinating my homework.

Anyway, I do have a lot to be grateful for and I just forget sometimes. So here goes:

  • Britt went and let my dog outside last night while I was working (I didn't even ask her!) and left me the cutest b-day present/card and some of the best soup I've ever had. 
  • April and I got to go to lunch on my b-day and it was fun. She made me a bomb playlist and a really cute present, too. 
  • Last night my parents and Joey brought me salsa & chips to work. Just because. It was delicious. 
  • My dad bought me medicine when I didn't want to go to Wal-Mart looking like a crackhead. 
  • My mom gave me a thing of toilet paper. For no reason, other than that she knows how much I hate buying it. ha
  • Tia (Tia's kids) left me the cutest voice mail on my b-day :) 
  • I got to spend last weekend in California. At the beach. With my favorite person. If that's not lucky, I dunno what is. 
  • My mom made brownies (my fav) for my bday. I didn't even get to eat one yet because we all got sick...but just thinking about them is making my mouth water. 
  • My neighbors made stuffed peppers and brought me some. They just got married a couple of weeks ago and they are really sweet. I think they feel bad for me because I'm an old cat lady, but that's okay. 
  • I got invited to not one, but two, ward parties this week. I think I'll pass, but the thought was nice. ha ha
  • I get a random Monday night off (aka, tonight). Yay for sleeping at night.
  • I got a freaking 100% on my first math test. Boom, baby. I shocked myself more than anyone, I think. 
  • I enjoy all my classes so far...even the boring one. The reading isn't so bad. 
  • The weather has been perfect. I love rain and the cool fall weather. Plus the sunsets have been stellar. 
  • My professor, Shobha, took me to lunch on Thursday for my b-day. That was the coolest thing any of my professors have ever done. I love me some Shobha. Plus she gave me some awesome Nepali gifts. 
  • My parents gave me birthday money. Who even knew that still happened when one turned 28? I'll take it. ;) I used it to pay rent. Wahoo. 
  • Rocko learned how to poop in the backyard so that I don't have to take him on a 30 minute walk every time he has to go. Whew. 
  • I get to see Sof, my sis, Trent and Jordan next weekend. So pumped. 
Even when I'm bitchy, life really is good. I am definitely looking forward to lots of things and I'm enjoying where I am right now, too. The only thing I could ask for is more time in the day- so I guess that's a good thing! 


  1. I am honestly astounded at the person you've become. I look up to you more than you know.

  2. Likewise, Ash. You are a huge inspiration and I definitely look up to you. Thanks for always being so sweet. :)