I'm 28, not 70...

Yesterday I felt like the world was crashing down on me. Maybe partly because it was and partly because I hate that I'm 28. I feel so old but mostly I feel like my life is nothing how I thought it would be when I turned 28. I didn't have a whole plan about what it would look like, but this was definitely not it. Never in my whole life did I think I would be a single, animal-lady, still working at a truck stop while going to school kinda gal. I thought for sure I'd have my shit together and that I'd be rollin' in the social worker $$. Turns out, my life is completely opposite and today I'm okay with it. Tomorrow I might have another quarter life crisis but for now I'm okay.

Today I realize that just because I'm 28 does not mean I'm too old to make the life I want. In fact, I AM making the life that I want and while it's not all roses, it beats the hell out of not doing anything at all. When I graduate in December I have no idea what I'll be doing and today I'm okay with that. It's scary and I'm anxious but I know that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I'm working my ass off (at work and at school right now) and I'm doing what I need to do to make my life how I want it to be.

I'm ready for a new adventure and also really, really sad to let go and move on from the current part of my life. I used to think that I loved change and new but right now I wish everything could just stay the same. Turns out, that's not an option and I get to move on whether or not I like it. So for the next few months I will be doing school, applying for jobs/grad schools, and soon enough basketball season will be here.

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