Birthdays kinda suck.

Every year I get pumped for my birthday. And (almost) every year, I get let down. I realize this is my own fault and that this year I legit turned down birthday celebrations because I had work and school but it still sucks. I took myself to California, played at the beach, and bought myself some new clothes and shoes over the weekend but my real birthday I slept and had a math test. I had a lot of calls and texts from people that I love and I appreciate it. I'm just being a Debby Downer, I suppose. But, oh well..it's over.

Today I am grateful for the people who thought of me today and made an effort to reach out. Sometimes I forget how much of a hermit I am with working graves and going to school. It's nice to remember that I have people who care about me and that I care about. Without them, today probably would have been a Vodka fest or something. Luckily, that didn't happen and here I am sober and working. Yay for real life.

On a positive note, I aced my math test today. I thought I was doomed but it turns out that going to class on the optional Friday was a good idea. Lets hope I can stay above water with this one and pass the class!

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