Two Years Sober!

Today marks my two years of sobriety.  It doesn't feel real- sometimes it feels much longer than two years and sometimes it feels like last week. Either way, I'm so grateful that I was given the chance at life again. For anyone who knew me while I was drinking, you know that I was definitely a nightmare. Although I'm still usually a nightmare, I can't imagine how much worse it'd be if I was drinking on top of it. 

I am so glad that I was able to get back in school and that I'm set to graduate in December. I never thought I would see the day. I'm also grateful to my boss for giving me a job when I needed it most- and for allowing me to do my homework while I'm at work. Things aren't perfect, but they are so good.

I have the best friends and girlfriend I could ask for- and even when I haven't slept in days and I'm grumpy, they are here for me. Since working graves and going to school full-time don't allow me to be as social as I used to be, I have been a pretty bad friend. I'm  grateful for Sof and that she is always supportive and encouraging me to be my best- even when I feel like giving up. I'm also very grateful for April and Britt for being my friends- even when I was drinking/being a crazy ass. I'm also so grateful for many other people for always being here for me. 

Since I've been sober I'm glad to call my siblings some of my best friends as well. Joey is my main man and I love that I get to talk to him and see him every day. Buddy and Anne are also very important to me and although we don't talk every day, I feel like I am more a part of my family than I ever have been. 

I'm also very grateful for my dad. He is the one who helped me get into rehab and for cheering me on the whole way. He is still one of my biggest supporters and encourages me to do my best in everything. When I told him I wanted to go to Nepal a month ago, he helped me get things lined up and has helped me financially as well.  I'm lucky to have him as my dad and for his example of what it means to be a good person. 

I know I post a lot about being sober and perhaps it's obsessive, but I just like looking back and remembering how I was feeling at different points. The past two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding that I have ever had and I'm so grateful that I have my life back. 

Thanks to everyone for helping me along the way. 

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  1. I get teary eyed when I think about your dad. I love him and I sure love you. I'm so inspired by you and what you have done with your life. You deserve to be happy and I don't think you post about sober a lot. I like reading about it anyway.