Hormones and Periods.

Lately I've been super stressed, tired and overwhelmed with finals and other random things. You know, like life. Today was especially long as I had a commitment to go to St. George this morning after work- going on no sleep. Luckily April came with me and it turned out to be quite enjoyable. By the time I got back to Cedar I was ready to collapse but I wanted to see my sister before she headed back to Salt Lake. She was downstairs with her boyfriend so I went down to say goodbye. I'm not sure how it came up but somehow I managed to tell her boyfriend that I've met twice that I'm on my period. Then my sister joined it. We told him that's why we have zits and we're pissy. 

He laughed and probably felt a tiny bit uncomfortable. And then he said something along the lines that he was glad boys only have testosterone and no other hormones. Ha ha. Oh, to be a boy. 

On days like today, I wish I could be a boy. No periods or weird zits that come for my period and by the time they decide to leave, I end up starting my period again. Such a vicious cycle. 

Bad hair days? No problem if you're a boy. Shave that shit. (Yes, I know women shave their heads too and I love it. You go girl). 

Want to wear shorts in Nepal? No problem if you're a dude. 

Tampons are expensive, skirts are annoying, and hair takes a lot of work. Somehow though, I guess I'm still very glad I'm not a man. I love being a woman and I wouldn't actually change it- it just seems so much easier to be a dude sometimes. 

Here's to an awesome 19 hour flight whilst being on the rag. Bring on the biggest tampons you got, Wal-Mart. Lets do this. 

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