Nepal Prep time...

Jesus Sandals for Nepal.
This week has been busy, as usual. I got my first rounds of shots on Wednesday- it's Saturday morning and my arm feels like it might fall off and it has a nasty looking rash from one of the shots. I have felt nauseated and gross since Thursday- hopefully it's just from the immunizations and I'm not actually getting sick.

I bought the rope sandals this week and I can't decide if I'll actually take them to Nepal or not but I like them either way. I am getting Chacos to take with me and I'm trying to "pack light"...so we'll see. Packing is the worst for me! I take 3 bags on an overnight trip- so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do for a 3 week+ trip out of country. All I know is that I would rather wear the same clothes the whole time and be able to bring tons of cool shiz home- I guess we'll see when it comes time to leave. As long as I have ample underwear, we'll be good. I will not wear dirty underwear. Ew. It's bad enough that there aren't going to be real toilets everywhere I go!

Anyway, I'm getting stoked to go! I already forgot how to say "my name is ..." in Nepali, so this should be stellar!

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