What the what?

I'm not lazy, I just wait until the last possible minute to get shit done. Why? I don't know. But it works for me. Sure I'm a nightmare while it's happening, but my best work is done under pressure and when I have a tight deadline. Doing a research paper weeks early has never  been my strong point. I'll admit, I think and stew and worry about it for weeks and weeks and then a day or two before it's due, I bust it out. And I do well.

Right now I have a few different research papers due in the next couple of weeks and I'm stressed to the max but it's almost impossible for me to do any of them because "they aren't due tomorrow".  I know this is probably ridiculous and stupid, but I guess I do what works for me.

I just finished my semester long project (all of which I did tonight) and wrote my reflection (which was supposed to be a semester long effort) all in about 3 hours. Had I done this all semester I would have put in far more time and effort for a less than great job. I guess I've perfected procrastination to fit my needs and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

For now, I think I'll enjoy some netflix or pinterest. Maybe tomorrow I'll start in on the research papers. Or maybe not. I'm still feeling pretty sick and I just want to sleep all day- which I did today and it felt wonderful.

Here's to the end of the semester! Bring it on. And bring lots of caffeinated beverages with it.

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