I really love Thanksgiving. Last year I got to spend my Thanksgiving at the community Thanksgiving dinner- it was just what I needed and I'm so grateful for it.

This year I decided that I would help out with the community dinner but that I wanted to have some friends over to my house for a little dinner, too. I woke up early and started cooking the turkey. I never knew how disgusting pulling guts out of the turkey can be- and then I had a little hissing match with Calv because he wanted to eat the whole thing raw. I compromised and boiled the neck for him. He loved it.

I only stayed at the community dinner for a little while and then went home to finish cooking. Sof is here and has been sick- so she was in bed most of the day. Marin came over early to help me finish cooking and then Brittni and Adam joined us (with lots of delicious food they baked).

I am so grateful that even though I wasn't able (logistically) to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I have such wonderful friends that I was able to enjoy the holiday with and test out my turkey baking skills. Turns out, doesn't take much...or I lucked out...or perhaps I'm the only one who didn't hate it. ha. Either way, it was a really wonderful day.

Plus, I got to have pre-game lunch with the bestie.

Today I'm grateful for friends who have become family. I'm also grateful for my real fam. This morning my dad helped me get stuff ready to take to the community dinner.

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