Sometimes I want to punch people in the face.

Seriously, though. I am usually a pretty nice person and I don't usually want to punch anyone...especially not in the face. But there are instances in which I want nothing more than to do so...here are a few:

  • People in class who ask the same questions over and over. Seriously, you don't look smarter for the professor when you do that...you look stupid. And you're annoying. Stop it. 
  • People who cheat on their significant other. I don't care why or how- I just want to punch you. And, in all reality, I have indeed punched one or two peeps for my friends... and I'm not afraid to do it again. It might be a slightly more awkward doing so sober, but I will. Trust me.
  • The week before finals week. Because if I could punch this week, I would. 
  • My head cold. I don't actually want to punch myself in the head...but if it would get rid of whatever nasty cold I have, I would. 
I feel a little better. 

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