Monday's come so soon.

Monday already? Wowza. I had a nice Thanksgiving break- minus feeling like I was gonna die for half of it due to a stupid head cold. Thank goodness Taunya was so sweet and came in super early for me on Sunday morning so I could go sleep.

Other than that, I have just been rearranging my schedule for school a million times. I think I have it how I want it- and then I change it again. I think it's getting close to how it'll be next semester and I'm excited. As of right now, I will be taking:

  • Sociology of Drugs
  • Global Issues in Sociology 
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Math) 
  • Organizational Communication 
  • Family Processes and Theory
  • Community Proposal
I'm pretty excited for all most of my classes. I can't say I'm thrilled to take math or the 2nd class of University 1000. But whatever. That's life. 

I mostly picked my classes based upon the time of the class. I will be done with school Monday-Friday by noon everyday. I am more than excited to try and have a "normal" sleep schedule that will not include a 3 hour nap, class, 2 hour nap, another class, etc. I am hoping that I will be able to work 11pm-7:30am, go to class from 8am-noon, and then sleep from about noon-7 or 8pm each night. That way I'll still have a semblance of a social life from 8-11pm. ha ha

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