Sometimes making a "grateful" list helps me feel better about life.

  • I get off work in an hour.
  • I get to cuddle with my kitties all day. 
  • My dad. He's the best dad in the world. 
  • Joey Bear. Best brother ever. 
  • My mom. She gives me (outdated) canned food--and lots of other stuff. :) 
  • My sister, Enna. She has the biggest heart and is accomplishing so much right now. So proud. 
  • My brother, Buddy. He's intelligent, kind, and hardworking. 
  • April- best friend a gal could have. Love doesn't even describe how much I love her. 
  • My grandparents-both sides. They're all rad. 
  • Tia, Tyler, and their adorable kids. So lucky to know them. I love them all so much. 
  • Shan. She is the best listener/advice giver/friend. I love her to the max. 
  • Taunya-crazy, fun, and I just love her. 
  • HHW & the staff that let me come hang out. And all the women that currently live there. 
  • To be sober. Sometimes I wonder how I'm sober still...
  • To be starting school in less than a month! So stoked, nervous, and grateful for another chance. 
  • Good things happening for good people I know. 
  • Sof is coming to visit me soon. :) 
  • I get to take a class from Shob. I love her a lot. 
  • New computer so I can whip out some serious homework. And of course fun shit. 
  • A job...

I'm still angry that horrible things happen to good people. I will (probably) never be okay with it and I'll probably never know why that happens. I know that this is life and bad things happen, but why? It just doesn't seem fair. 

The past week and the coming week are filled with mixed emotions. It's actually pretty confusing. I mean, I should be so happy with all these wonderful things happening for me but I'm heartbroken at the same time. How do people do this shit without drinking????

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