Okay, so here's the deal: April is my best friend. We have been friends for a very long time. April is not gay; she has been married or in a relationship with a dude the entire time I've known her. I am gay. So how are we friends, you ask? Easy...just like you have friends. We hang out, laugh, talk, care about each other...the way everyone else has friends. So why then is everyone so concerned about April and I hanging out? Not sure. For a while it was funny but it's seriously getting a little old now. 

Ty (April's boyfriend whom she lives with) is not a "cover-up". He is in fact her boyfriend and I hope that they get married and have lots of mini Ape's and mini Ty's so that I can be their pretend aunt. April is like a sister to me and I hope that we're friends forever. We fight like my sister and fight and I care about her like I care about my sister, too. This does not mean we are in love with each other and having a secret lesbian relationship. 

I, on the other hand, am single. I am openly gay and if I were to be in a relationship, it would not be a secret. My family knows that I'm gay, my friends know I'm gay, and I don't hide it. Sure, I don't wear rainbows everyday and wear a sign that says, "I'm gay"...but I'm not ashamed of it, either. 

I think it's a little comical that so many people act so awkward around April and I, mostly recently. The people that really know us or anything about us, know we're not dating. We've also found that no matter what we actually tell people, they believe what they want to believe. So take it or leave it, but April is not my girlfriend. Yes- I love April and I care about her. No- I'm not in love with April and we're not in a secret relationship. 

Thanks for the laughs, guys. :) I'll keep you posted if anything changes in regard to April's sexuality. ha ha

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