last night being a bum

Tonight is it. Tonight is the last night of me working, sleeping and playing. In 9 hours I start school again--and I'll be working until that happens. I can't even believe that everything worked out and that I'm actually going to be starting school in the morning. It seems like a dream, which I'm sure at some point will seem more like a nightmare. But I'm really grateful for this dream/nightmare/experience...whatever it is, I'm so happy about it.

I'm going to be a busy lady- working my normal 42.5 hours a week and 18 credits in school. I can't say that I'll be bored. I'm really excited for most of my classes. Here's my sched in case anyone wants to stalk me:

  • Social Theory- gag (But...since my major is sociology, I guess that's what I signed up for...) 
  • Math- double gag. (I also have to do this in order to graduate. Poop.)
  • Adolescent Development- really excited for this one! I've wanted to take this class for a long time!
  • Social Psychology- no idea how I feel about it because I've never heard anything about it. 
  • Intro to Counseling and Psychotherapy- I wasn't excited about this class until about 10 minutes ago. I think it'll be good for me to explore more career options. 
  • Experiential Education/Community Proposal -aka University 1000 (I already took Unvi 1000 9 years ago when I was a freshman...and now they changed the name, so I get to take it again to graduate. Shouldn't be bad at all, though.) 
If all goes well (as in if I pass my classes) I will graduate in December 2013. That might seem like a long time to most people...but for me that's the light at the end of the seemingly never ending tunnel called SUU. It took a lot of work and time to get back into school and get financial aid all set up and I couldn't have done it without lots of help from Tia and my advisor. I'm so grateful that everything is working out! 

Now for my last night of freedom I'm going to enjoy it with some Grey's Anatomy or something cool like that. I probably won't be updating on here much---but peace and love. 

Oh and life rocks right now. I hope I never forget that hard work and being patient really does pay off--maybe not right when I want it or when I think I need it, but it does. I have never done any of this on my own before and it feels pretty great. 

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