things...just things.

Happy things about today:

  • when I leave work, my day off begins.
  • i got to see Joey today. 
  • Calv and I cuddled/slept during my break from work. 
  • i got to spend time with Ape.
  • got my laundry finished. well, it's still drying...putting it away is my least favorite part of laundry. gag.
  • i got to admire my coffee table. i haven't actually used it yet...maybe later today.  
  • the weather has been amazing! i just wanna play and play and play, but then i remember i have to work all night and opt to sleep instead. bummmmer. oh well, it's not like working during the day would solve that problem anyway. 
Things that bugged today:
  • my (downstairs) neighbors cranked the heater this morning. so i turned it off. it's 85 degrees outside, heaters inside are very unnecessary. when i woke up, the heat was blaring again. what's the dealio?
  • i'm working another 12 hour shift. they really aren't bad, except that i didn't sleep well so now i'm really tired and it's only 2:30am. 
  • i noticed how awful my toenails look and didn't do anything about it. maybe tomorrow. 
  • i didn't get to go to a BBQ because i had to sleep before work. i also missed a meeting. i'm blowin' it. 
  • i didn't spend as much time as i would have liked outside today. i'm hoping tomorrow i'll get some sun!

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