lovely days

Things I love/loved about today:

  • hanging out with grams today. she's a funny, beautiful gal. i love that i get to have a relationship with her. 
  • i got to cuddle with sweet Calv and read all morning. i woke up at 5am (no idea why) and decided to read; it was blissful. 
  • sweet Taunya sent me a pizza at work. she's the most thoughtful person i know. i love her guts.
  • my boss wasn't an ass today. we actually had a pretty good time. and now he's home and i'm working...so it's a win-win. ;)
  • the first 8 hours of my shift have flown by...thank goodness. now it's slowing down and i can enjoy my evening by blogging and reading. yay.
  • i got to see April for a minute at lunch. sometimes i feel like i don't make enough time to see friends. hopefully this summer i can get a fair amount of playing in before school starts...we'll see!
  • joey and i started making plans for his birthday. i get to take work off and spend the day with him. it's going to be a great day and i'm so grateful that i get to spend it with him. he's the coolest dude i know.
  • that i only have 4 more hours of work until i get to go home and sleep!
  • had a really rude trucker get pissy with me and then came back to apologize. how sweet, right? i really was surprised...and i liked it. 
  • it was beautiful outside. i had the windows and doors open all day before work and even when i got to work. i love that it's getting warm outside. 
I hope today was as lovely for you as it was for me. Peace out!

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