happy/grateful list

  • I got 7 hours of sleep. In a row! Heavenly. 
  • Friday night I went to my parents house to see Joey. We decided to go for a drive and hang out...and on the drive, we decided to go bowling! Best decision we ever made. It was just what I needed: some Joey time and getting my ass kicked in bowling...twice! It was a great night. I love that kid so much. 
  • The construction at work is getting less awkward/annoying. Almost done...I hope!
  • Calv is getting cuter every day, I swear. 
  • My new coffee table. 
  • I just cleaned out my truck. Detailed the shit out of it in about 7 minutes. I don't understand people who can spend HOURS doing that....gag. If it's clean, it's clean...get a hobby! ha ha
  • I had the best grilled cheese for dinner. 
  • I read two books this week and I'm about to start a third. 
    • High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
    • How To Be Good by Nick Hornby
    • and I'm gonna start reading A Long Way Down ...also by Nick Hornby
  • Thanks to Britt for loaning me all of the books mentioned above.
  • Mini-vacation coming up in May! Can't wait. 
  • My parents and Joey came to my house today. It was nice to see them. 
  • Worked extra hours this week....I'm going to go to school in the fall if it kills me. 
  • I will (I hope) get plenty of sleep tomorrow before work. 
  • Got some laundry done. I love clean laundry. 
  • My slightly annoying neighbors informed me they were moving at the end of the month. I tried to act a little sad...but, I'm totally grateful. They're nice and all....it's just their kids and their surround sound that I can't stand! 
  • Today was so nice! In fact, it was maybe even HOT! I can't wait for summer! yay!
  • Weekend grave shifts=less crazy truckers and usually no boss around. I can handle this. ;) 

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