a happy list

  • Seeing Joey dance to MJ....perhaps the greatest thing on earth. I'll post a video sometime. It's worth viewing, trust me. 
  • Fake baking. I love it. I'm still white and I'm okay with it; I just pretend I'm on a nice warm beach for the 20 minute sessions.
  • The fact that I'm going apartment shopping today. Yay. Can't wait. 
  • I have been sober for 80+ days...I get my 90 day chip on Friday!
  • I have a job. Two, actually.
  • It's raining and I love rain. I bought an umbrella today for the occasion. 
  • I got to see Annie B. for like 20 minutes and I loved every second of it.
  • Riding my bike to work. [coming back home is a whole different story...]
  • My brothers dog, Ava. She's cute.
  • Corinne and Lily for making me smile everyday. Bear & Cade, too. :]
  • Jack, my iPod. <3
  • Crafting with Joey.
  • Drinking fresh Dew. Mmmmm
  • Thinking of decorating my apartment and how I'll do it. Sooo excited.
  • Peeing in a cup a couple times a week. For all the awkwardness and fond memories that I make whilst doing so...Thank you, HHW.

Life is good. Different...and great.

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