coupons from Joey

Today my family had a little "we're glad you're sober" party. we ate some delicious food and Joey made me a card and included some coupons for me in it. Cool, right? Here's the best part....the coupons are things I can do for him.  They range from taking care of him when he's sick to making him dinner. And ya know, I guess the kid has got it right...I do owe him a shit load of love and I'll "redeem" his coupons any day! I missed a lot of birthdays, special occasions, his prom king experience, dates, and everyday memories with Joey over the last few years. He's always been the one that I could cry to and he would just listen and hug me. Gosh, I love that kid.

Joey and Sof at Prom! Prom King 2011--woot!
I'm pretty lucky to have Joey and I'm glad that I get to enjoy time with him now. Lately we've been "crafting" a lot together-- we paint and shiz...don't worry 'bout it. Thanks Joey for putting life into perspective for me...what would I do without you?!

How can you not love that smile???

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