early bird gets the worm while the sober girl gets to enjoy life... :]

Well hello there, fellow bloggers and earthlings. Since getting out of rehab a week and a half ago I've been planning a day to sleep in and so far, it just hasn't fallen into place and I'm oddly okay with it. I wake up before 7am everyday and I actually kind of enjoy it. Weird, I know.

Let me just tell you all the wonderful things I've enjoyed this week before 9am: 

On Saturday morning as I was going for a walk there was a bike race going on right outside my door. I walked to the park and watched the race while they blasted some good tunes. I liked that. I would have never found joy in this before...ah, the joys.

On Sunday morning I left my house at 8am with my iPod blasting some wonderful music. I was walking to get breakfast and on the way I saw a bunch of chairs set up at the park so I decided to turn off my music to hear what was going on...sure enough, Sonrise church was having their services at the city park. I stopped, listened to their live band, which was actually very good, and then perhaps joined their church. Maybe I'll go back next week. And most of all, I'm glad I can see the joy of having a higher power these days. How cool.

On Monday I got to watch the 4th of July parade. I don't remember the last time I woke up for and enjoyed a parade. Well, this was the year folks. I had fun with friends and family. Fun day. :) 

Every morning I get to enjoy the birds chirping. I never thought I'd enjoy being woken up at 6 or 7am by some birds practically screaming by my window...but I love it! What a cool way to start my day. 
One of my most favorite things that I do most every morning is going to the park and sitting at the picnic table and watching everyone else. I've also found that I enjoy journaling a lot more when I'm outside and listening to music. If you ever need me before 8am, come to the city park...I'll be there. 

Oh, and I've read two books in the last week and now I'm reading a book about Ghandi. Life is good. 

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