Spring Break and stuff

  • Spring break starts tomorrow after my class. I'll post updates later about how it goes. 
  • I'm doing a research paper on domestic violence in the LGBT community- very interesting. 
  • I took my last midterm exam today! Thank God it's over. 
  • My Black History class paper is done and submitted. Whew. 
  • I took my grandparents to Parowan on a drive today- we had lunch at the Dairy Freeze. Fun times. 
  • In my Sex and Gender class we watched a documentary called "Two Spirits"- so sad. I can't stop thinking about it. 
  • I missed the bball game tonight due to sleep deprivation. I'm fine with it, but sad that the season has come to an end. What will I do now? Oh wait, research projects!
  • I miss Sof. duh.
  • I don't know what I ever did without my iPhone. For realz. Life must have sucked. ha ha
  • So stoked for some sunshine and cruising time with my bestie this weekend. 
  • I ordered like 5 iphone cases- but they are for the wrong iphone. Damn. 

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