Happy March!

Holy smokes, it's March already. I thought we'd never get out of winter but slowly it's coming. Thank goodness.

  • One week until Spring break!! I have a lot of homework, projects, and exams to study for over the next few days and then I'm free. Can't wait!
  • For Spring Break I'm going to California with April. Oh what an adventure this shall be....
  • I have 22 months sober!
  • I'm going to Tegan & Sara and The XX with Sof in April. Can't wait. 
  • Calv is so much more cuddly and calm these days. He still has his crazy moments, but he loves me and that's all that matters. 
  • I took grandpa and grandma for a drive with Joey on Wednesday. They're so cute. I'm glad I get to see them often. 
  • Today I slept through class (oops) and then was able to wake up and hang out with Ape for a couple of hours and then cleaned my house. I love having my house clean and feel so much better that way. 
  • I'm doing laundry at work. What what? I can't complain about my job....
  • April and Ty bought a cute house....or they are going to buy it anyway! They found out their offer was approved today. Sweeeeet!
  • Two SUU bball games next week- bittersweet since the season is coming to an end. :( 
  • I miss Sof. Of course. 

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