Happiness is...

  • missing math 2 days in a row and still being able to catch on. 
  • sleeping in and missing the most boring class of my life. 
  • cuddling with Calv which he snores up a storm. 
  • getting a random Friday off next week so I can see my gf! 
  • working extra hours whilst getting paid to do math. hours and hours of math. 
  • climbing into a clean bed, after a warm shower, after not sleeping for 36 hours. best.thing.ever.
  • getting to talk to Joey every morning before he goes to school. 
  • getting cute text messages. 
  • cleaning the shit outta my house and then just being able to relax and enjoy it. 
  • listening to music while getting ready. 
  • freshly shaven legs, lotion, and sweats. 
  • pedicures. too bad i'm too poor to get one! 
  • talking to good friends who I haven't spoken to in a while. 
  • better yet...running in to old friends and just catching up (usually at wal-mart or the truck stop)..livin' the dream. 
  • sippin' on ice water, diet coke, or blue monster while cruising around
  • studying my ass off for my social psych exam and feeling like i did well. guess we'll find out on Tuesday. here's to hoping!
  • being busy--but still taking time for myself. 
  • playing planet moolah at the sun coast. so old. 
  • moving on from people (person) i didn't think i'd ever be able to get over. :]
  • hoodies, hot chocolate, and good books. 
  • no snow. not yet anyway!
  • my family. immediate, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. i really do have a wonderful family. 
  • being sober and not having to have a drink in order to be happy...or function. that's neat. 

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