I'm tired but I'm happy. And I'm grateful. For lots of stuff. 
  • While I was visiting Sof, I got 3 or 4 new pairs of pants and got them all for veryyy good deals. I'm glad because the only two pairs of jeans I own now have holes in the crotch. So hot. 
  • Sof got me some cute shoes (she doesn't like them)- and I love them. 
  • I get to sleep today. All day. I hope. 
  • Calv- he was so cuddly when I got home tonight before coming into work. I love it when we get to cuddle because he's not being hyper and crazy. 
  • I get to live alone (no roomies) and I can walk around naked anytime I want. And I like that. A lot. Plus, I rarely have dishes because I don't use them these days. 
  • While I was with Sof (even though I was kind of a bitch about it) we went to Petland and it was so cute. So many cute puppies and kittens. OMG. And they had a dog stroller that I want to get for Calv. 
  • I can't get over how good The Perks of Being a Wallflower is- and how much I want to see it again. Thanks Sof for taking me to see it. Best date ever. 
  • We ate In N Out. Yummmm. 
  • We also ate at The Omlet House. I love that place. 
  • Energy drinks. I know I say this all too often, but holy shit...I'd be dead without them. 
  • No school on Monday or Tuesday. I am beyond grateful for this. 
  • I get to go home in one hour. That's great news. 
  • I'm grateful for my fam. They really are so great. 
  • I'm grateful that Sof doesn't hate me for being awkward. I met her step-dad and his girlfriend. They were both very nice and even though I felt awk (like always).. I guess it wasn't so bad. Now to meet her dad and step-mom....my anxiety is building. haha
  • Chapstick. I don't think I could live without it. Furreal. 
  • My sibs. All so different, interesting and rad. 
  • My professors. I feel like all of them (even the really boring one) really cares about what they do and about the students. Maybe they don't...but as long as I feel like they do- who cares?
  • No snow yet. Best thing ever. 
  • This was a weird grateful list..but whatever. 

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