no good, rotten, piece of shit day...

Yesterday can kiss my ass.

I went to bed miserable and woke up still clinging on to any part of it I could. I wanted to have a horrible day today. I tried so hard.

And then I decided to get out of bed and shower around 1pm. Best decision I've made in a long time. I met up with my sponsor and talked with her for a bit. Good thing she's the most kind and understanding person out there because I have been a bitch lately. After meeting with her, I still felt a little bit blah-ish but I got to hang out with Joey and of course he just makes everything else seem so silly. He's the best brother a girl could ask for and I'm lucky to have him in my life.

As we were driving home from dinner Joey started laughing uncontrollably and said, "oops, I farted". Although I was quite disgusted, I couldn't help but laugh because he thought it was so funny. I love that kid so much.

Oh, and what's with everyone thinking I need to date? Am I that un-awesome that I shouldn't be without someone else? Dating is cool and all, but I donno why it's been such a hot topic lately....Maybe people really are worried that I'm becoming an old hermit-cat-lady....

Today I'm grateful:

  • my catz ;)
  • Joey D. 
  • that I get to go watch Joey play basketball tonight
  • for a day off work....
  • my sponsor for putting up with my awkwardness and being so loving. and everything else. she's just amazing.
  • that even though i didn't get to go running, i got to shovel. that's a pretty okay workout, right?
  • that i got to hang out with Joey Bear today.
  • HeyTell....i need a smart phone.
  • my group didn't kill me last night. i was a rancid bitch. i guess i get to make amends next week. 
  • that i get to decide how i act....sometimes i just choose the wrong way...ha ha
  • to be sober! 
  • for friends who care about me and want what's best for me.
  • for my family
  • loveeeeee. maybe i do need to date. shit man....
  • i have a car to drive, food to eat, and a warm house to sleep in all day. 
Here's to having a good attitude tomorrow and making it a great day! Peace and love...

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