I had my weekend all planned out. I was going to be so productive and get all my homework done on Friday so that I could enjoy the weekend. I was going to clean my house from top to bottom. I was going to do a lot of things. And then real life happened. I spent my time at work and in my bed. I didn't do my homework (I have lots to do tonight now) and I only partially cleaned my house. I need a week vacation from life to catch up on shit...if only.

Instead, I'll probably be playing catch-up for the remainder of the semester and that's okay. Real life isn't as simple as I sometimes like to believe it is. I always have these lists and schedules written out but when it comes down to it, they are very unrealistic and don't allow for any time to sleep or just "me" time. So, instead of beating myself up over what I didn't do, I'll just be grateful for what I was able to get done.

Here's to being the best I can be this week.

And my favorite post secret this week:

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