Why do people remember things from the past as better than they were? Sometimes I find myself reminiscing about things that, at the time, were miserable and find myself thinking they were okay or even good. I'm not sure why or what purpose this serves but tonight it has got me feeling really sad. Some days I think I have it all figured out and days like today I feel like I have no idea.

For the last two weeks I have been eating healthy and taking care of myself. I have lost 10 pounds thus far. Today was my first day in the gym in over 3 years. Wowza. I thought I was going to die but it felt really good! I'm excited to get back in shape and maybe start running again. Clearly, I need an outlet and running used to be the best one and then drinking got in the way. When I stopped drinking I figured I would just naturally get healthy and back in shape but it turns out, it was quite the opposite. So now, more than 2 years sober, I am going to do it.

On a brighter note, I'm going to California this weekend to relax and celebrate my birthday. Not that turning 28 is a "bright" side, but it's happening regardless. And besides, on NPR the other day they said that 40 is the new 30...so does that make 30 the new 20? I'm hoping! I'm gonna rock the last couple of years in my twenties, since apparently it's actually my "teen" years. Here's to living life and loving the shit out of it, no matter what.

I am craving sushi. And In n Out. And this blog should end now. :)

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