Kitties are like kids: part 2

I like giving people gifts. I also like buying my cats toys. Not really because they love them, but because it makes me feel good. 

You know when you give a baby a present and you think they will love it? And then they end up playing with the box that the toy came in and not the gift itself? Damn, right? 

Well today when I got home from work I was getting ready for bed and noticed a tampon wrapper on the bathroom floor. I kicked it and Calv came running and then played with it for a good 10 minutes before I threw it away. Weird, but okay.

Then when I woke up from my nap, I noticed he has found it and was playing with it again. Who knew I didn't need to spend 3 dollars on Christmas presents for Calv- all he needs is a tampon wrapper. Sweet! I will be returning his gift tomorrow. Tampon wrappers will be saved from now on and my kitty will be happy. 

Kids and kitties are so cool, right?

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